Top 4 benefits of paperless performance reviews

performance reviews

While performance reviews and appraisals hold a lot of value for managers, their benefits often fall short because the process is so time-consuming, tedious, and an overall hassle. In this article, we will take a look at some benefits of online performance appraisal software:

Saves time and resources

By switching to online performance appraisals, you have the opportunity of saving time and resources. An online performance appraisal software is green and much more efficient. Naturally, paper-based reviews take up way too much time to fill and analyze. Moreover, there has to be staff dedicated for creating, distributing and compiling appraisals. A paperless review can be filled out online in a matter of minutes.

Streamlines the process

With manual appraisals, the likelihood of them not being carried out when they are due is quite high. An online appraisal software allows HR managers to define appraisal plans and their frequency. Through notifications and reminders, appraisals are more likely to happen more regularly even if you have a large workforce.

Better accessibility

Perhaps the most significant advantage of an online performance appraisal software is the accessibility and portability it provides. With paperless appraisals, you no longer need to reserve office or desk space for piles of review forms. Moreover, accessing historical appraisal records is easy and can usually be done with just a few clicks.

Track employee performance

Unfortunately, a lot of companies still use printed forms for performance reviews. These forms have a significant disadvantage when compared to paperless appraisals. Paper-based assessments do not highlight trends or patterns in an employee’s performance without going through all of the review forms. On the other hand, online appraisal solutions can generate reports and metrics, thus making it easier to compare two or more appraisals.

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