Zero-in on the right candidates

Aero HRMS helps you streamline your recruitment process and makes hiring easier.



A complete hiring software built for modern companies

recruitment software

Applicant Tracking

Get a bird's eye view of applicants across job positions and update their hiring status in just one click.

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Smart Resume Indexing

AeroHRMS offers powerful resume indexing that lets you perform quick in-document searches across thousands of resumes.

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Effortless Scheduling

Spending hours on scheduling interviews? We've got you covered. Scheduling interviews with AeroHR is a breeze.

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One-click Offer Letters

Easily design professional offer letter templates and generate new letters effortlessly.

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Integrated Job Portal

Allow candidates to apply for open job positions through your very own white-labeled job portal.

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Publish open positions effortlessly on job boards and social networks and attract the right candidates.

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Customize hiring workflows for each job position

Not every job position is the same. So why use the same hiring workflow for every job position? AeroHRMS lets you customize the workflow to suit the position you are hiring for. Create custom recruitment stages for each position and track the hiring status using our intuitive hiring pipeline.


Onboard new people effectively

Make onboarding new hires frictionless and stress-free with AeroHRMS self-onboarding feature. Assign onboarding tasks to your team to prepare for new hires and welcome new hires with paperless onboarding.

recruitment software
recruitment software
job portal


Publish jobs to your own branded job portal

Set up your own branded job portal within minutes and publish job positions online in just one click. Aero HRMS offers a fully integrated online job portal that lets you customize the look and feel to suit your company branding. Allow candidates to apply online and upload their resume. No more swifting through emails to find the right candidate.