expense management software

Employee expense management made simple

AeroHRMS makes it easy for your employees to log and track their expenses.
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Streamline employee expense management

  • Setup approval workflows

Streamline your expense approval process by defining custom workflows for each expense category.

  • Define spending limits

AeroHRMS expense management lets you configure spending limits and policies based on departments and employees so that you do not run over budget.

  • Configure settlement policies

Control how you would like to reimburse expenses based on their category. Choose between reimburse via payroll, pay as an advance to the employee, or paid directly by the company.

expense software
expense software
expense software
expense approval software


Fully integrated with payroll

Eliminate errors and save time by automatically reimbursing approved expense reports in the next payrun.


Upload receipts on the go

With AeroHRMS, reporting your expenses is as easy as uploading a snapshot of the receipt and clicking a button. AeroHR even lets your employees track the status of their request and reimbursement online.

expense software
expense software
expense software
expense management software


Track and analyze expenses in real-time

Easily track and manage expense reports across the entire team to keep an eye on costs and avoid running over budget.