Employee onboarding software

The paperless way to onboard employees

Aero HRMS helps you create an engaging onboarding experience for your new hires.
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Plan in advance

Notify your teams in advance and help them prepare for the new employee. Aero HRMS lets you assign onboarding tasks to your teams and stay on top of them. You can even set up multiple onboarding processes to cover the specific requirements of various job positions.


Eliminate paperwork with paperless onboarding

You don’t have to welcome new employees with boring paperwork on their first day at work. Aero HRMS helps you create an engaging onboarding process for your new hires and lets them upload documents online.

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Streamline end of probation reviews

Aero HRMS lets you automate performance reviews at the end of the employee’s probation period. Collect feedback from the employee’s managers and colleagues to understand how you can align the new hire with the company goals and values.


Motivate employees

Set up goals and challenges for your employees and motivate them using gamification with leaderboards, automatic appreciation emails and more.

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employee gamification software
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